Morning Guided Meditation


Earlier this month, well actually last month considering it’s now March, I purchased “Goddess Alive!; Inviting Celtic & Norse Goddesses Into Your Life” by Michelle Skye and illustrated by Kris Waldherr. I found the book on Amazon and was drawn to it becuase of the section on Hella.  This morning I recorded myself speaking the guided meditation and then took part in the meditation exercise.

At the beginning I was lead to Yggdrasil and asked to touch the tree, an amber pendant is gifted to me (as the meditation states will happen). Mine looked like this, but very orange amberish:

The author gives a very detailed description of the realm of Helheim (it seems silly to repeat, as its her description not mine) which lead me to Elvidnir, the hall of Hella.  The main crux of the meditation is when I’m asked to search/sense the denizens of the Hall and find one who has a message for me.  I woman stepped forward; she had long blonde hair plaited and held by dark leather cords.  She is dressed in a dark red tunic style dress.  She touches my mind with hers and I see a village in winter, snow falling and more to come.  She has frozen to death, her baby cluthced to her frozen form…the child also dead. She gifts me with the feeling of release she felt when she arrived her, how kind Hella has been to her and all the others.  She is in service to Hella, although doesn’t go into details has to how. She refers to Hella as Our Lady, Our Mistress, the One we serve.  She tells me to trust Our Lady, to know without doubt we are kept well and safe by Her. She then touches me on the forehead and traces this Rune:


Some Links to help with defining this Rune:

Moonchild Rune Page; The Thirteenth Rune

Rune Secrets; Ihwaz/Eihwaz


The woman traced the Rune over and over with ash from the fire pit, she told me I’ve been marked thrice.  Once by Modgud, she carved the rune Mannaz at the base of my spine , where the first Chakra resides(in an earlier, as yet written about dream), next by Hella. Hella traced and seemingly burned Othila near my heart chakra (accept at the base of my neck), and then this woman in the Hall of Hela, tracing  Eihwaz upon my forehead, the third eye chakra. She said, “Thus you are marked, truly a child of Hella…a servant to Her whiles, whims and ways…trust in Her she is your way.”

The meditation ended after this and I was quickly ‘brought back ‘ from Helheim to the hear and now.

I’m rather taken aback by the rune experience, how near and clear the message.  I wish there had been more time to have explored that moment, but perhaps there wasn’t meant to be more time on that. Or at least not yet. It was clear and emotional, I look forward to re-visiting this meditation in a few weeks. So many thigns happening on the spiritual level and I’m trying to keep it all in check, giving time to really contemplate the happenings.


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